DenniSoftware Creations

Tom Dennis

is sole proprietor of DenniSoftware Creations, a software services organization.
  • MSCS from Illinois Institute of Technology
  • 46 years of industry experience
  • General Sofware Development
    • Unix/Windows
    • Database
    • Networks

Project process

  • Discovery: Information is exchanged regarding the project. This may range from informal discussion to existing documentaton.
  • Estimate: A preliminary analysis is done to determine the level of effort and an associated cost estimate.
  • Functional Specification: This document will be generated to serve as the requirements for the software development work. In some cases existing documents may serve this purpose.
  • Software Development: Development of the specified software is performed per the Functional Specification.
  • Test Plan: This document will be generated to guide the testing of the developed software and will be used to ensure compliance with customer needs.
  • Testing: Testing is performed per the Test Plan. Results will be documented as an appendix to the Test Plan.
  • Acceptance Demonstration: The developed software will be installed and run in a demonstration environment.
  • Deployment: The developed software will be deployed in the production environment.


  • Reasonable rates
  • No job too small
  • Contact: Tom Dennis

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