Wit's Up?

Belgian Ale

This is a 2004 BJCP style 16a beer.

Recipe: Witbier (based on Joe's recipe)
Volume: 5 gallons

Activity Log

Yeast Starter:

Boiled 2 ounces of DME in 2 cups of water for 10 minutes and allowed to cool. Pitched yeast and fitted stopper and airlock. Foam filled the flask in 12 hours.


Using 10 gallon kettle with false bottom, heated 3 gallons of water to 126 f and mixed in grain (wheat berries uncrushed). Held at 122 f for 45 minutes. Raised to 150 f and held for 60 minutes. Raised to 170 f and held for 10 minutes. Sparged with 170 f water until 5 gallons were obtained.


Added 1 gallon and brought to boil. Added first hops and boiled for 50 minutes. Added orange zest, bitter orange, white peppercorn, black peppercorn and second hops and boiled for 5 minutes. Added last hops and boiled for 5 minutes. Added coriander seed and removed from heat. Transferred through counterflow chiller into carboy. Took specific gravity reading of 1.040. Rocked carboy on bolded towel to aerate. Fitted with blow-off tube.

Fermentation (target final gravity = 1.010):

Observations of primary stage (14 days @ 65 f) Boiled .5 oz of crushed coriander seed and .1 oz of crushed mixed black/white peppercorn in 1 cup of water for 10 minutes then poured into 5 gallon carboy. Siphoned from primary into 5 gallon carboy taking specific gravity reading of 1.010. Fitted with stopper and 3 piece airlock.


Boiled 4 ounces of corn sugar in 1 cup of water for 10 minutes, allowed to cool and placed in bottling bucket. Siphoned into 2 1 liter bottles and placed in fridge for forced carbonation. Siphoned 4 gallons from carboy into bottling bucket taking specific gravity of 1.009 which puts ABV at 4.2%. Filled and capped 40 bottles.

See Wit's Up labels here.