Weizen Hammer

This beer falls into 1999 BJCP style 17d. It is intended to be an Aventinus clone.

Recipe: Weizenbock
Volume: 5 gallons
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Activity Log

Yeast Starter:

About 12 hrs before brew, boiled 2 oz of pale malt extract in 20 oz of water in flask for 10 minutes.i Cooled in ice water bath in bowl. Pitched vial of yeast and shook to aerate. Fitted stopper and airlock and placed at 73 f.


Added gypsum to 5 gallons of water and heated to 154 f. Removed heat and added mesh sack of grain. Resumed heating at 25 minutes and removed sack at 30 minutes. Added 3 cans of wheat extract and the candi sugar.


Boiled through first break, then added bittering hops. Boiled for 45 more minutes then added flavoring hops and Irish Moss. Boiled for 14 more minutes then added aroma hops. Boiled for 1 more minute then turned off heat and placed pot on basement floor. Sanitized cooling coil in iodophor solution. Cooled to ~75 f with coil and siphoned to fermenter. Added 1/2 gallon water. Aerated by rocking carboy on folded towel and pitched yeast. Fitted with blow-off tube and put on fermenting bench with temperature controller set to 73 f.


Observations of primary stage (7 PM start): Transferred to 5 gallon carboy and fitted stopper and airlock. Kegging:

Siphoned into 5 gallon soda keg and put under 30 lbs/sq in CO2 in fridge. Took FG reading of 1.020 which puts the alcohol content at about 7.7% ABV.


Filled 24 bottles from keg using counterflow bottle filler. Captured overflow foam in 2 liter bottles.

See Weizen Hammer labels here.