Third Brother Tripel

Trappist Ale

This is a 2015 BJCP style 26c beer brewed at Two Brothers brewing company on the 2018 Big Brew day.

Recipe: Belgian Tripel Ale
Volume: 5 gallons

Activity Log

Yeast Starter:

Two days before the brew, boiled 6 ounces of DME in 1.6 liters of water for 10 minutes and cooled in ice bath. Shook to aerate, covered top with foil and placed at 70f. On day of brew, placed in santized carboy.


Filled 10 gallon Polarware pot with ~7 gallons of 1.046 wort from 2 Brothers lautering process. Brought to boil then added corn sugar. Boiled through break for 30 minutes then added first hops. Boiled for 30 minutes then added second hops. Boiled for 15 minutes then added third hops, bitter orange, orange zest, crushed coriander and Irish moss. Boiled for 15 minutes then removed heat. Cooled through counterflow chiller took specific gravity reading of 1.074. Collected ~6 gallons on top of yeast already in carboy. Aerated by rocking on folded towel, arranged blow-off tube in flask of water and placed at 70f.


Observations of primary stage (14 days starting @ 70f) On 5-19-18, transferred to second carboy taking specific gravity reading of 1.014. Fitted with airlock and placed at 72f. Captured two 2-liter bottles and placed in fridge under 30 lbs/sq in CO2 to force carbonate.

Clarification stage (14 days @ 72f)

Transfer to keg taking specific gravity reading. Put under 30 lbs/sq in CO2 and place in fridge to force carbonate. Capture a two 2 liter bottles 2/3 full and place in fridge under 30 lbs/sq in CO2 to force carbonate.

See Third Brother Tripel labels here.