Supercharged Steam

This 1999 BJCP style 6c beer is being brewed on this day to join with the American Homebrewers Association 6th annual Big Brew in celebrating National Homebrew Day. I used the Anchor Steam Clone All Grain recipe.

I was joined by Mike Uchima and Joe Formanek.

Recipe: California Common Beer
Volume: 3 gallons

Activity Log

Yeast Starter:

About 24 hrs before brew, boiled 2 oz of pale malt extract in 20 oz of water in flask for 10 minutes. Cooled in cold water bath in small pot. Pitched vial of yeast and fitted stopper and airlock.


On kitchen stove, infused 2 gallons of 159 f water onto grain. Mashed at 150 f for 60 minutes, maintaining temperature by stirring over small flame. Scooped into lauter tun, recirculating until relatively clear. Sparged with ~1.5 gallons of 170 f water. Added water to kettle to bring to 4 gallons and took pre-boil gravity reading of 1.037 (65% conversion).


Boiled through first break then added bittering hops. Boiled for 48 minutes then added finishing hops. Boiled for 12 more minutes adding cooling coil for the last 9 minutes to sterilize. Cooled to ~70 f and siphoned to fermenter taking OG reading of 1.050. Aerated by rocking carboy on folded towel and pitched yeast starter. Fitted stopper with airlock and put on basement floor for lower temperature fermentation.


The temperature of the carboy on the basement floor is ~61 f.
Observations of primary stage: Transferred to 3 gallon carboy and fitted with stopper and airlock.


Washed, rinsed and sanitized bottles. Took FG reading of 1.010. Siphoned into a 2 liter bottle until 4/5 full, put carbonator top on, squeezed the air out and put aside in fridge for forced carbonation. Boiled 3/4 cup of pale malt extract in 2 cups of water. Put priming solution in bottling bucket and racked beer into bottling bucket. Bottled, capped and labeled 27 12 oz bottles. Put bottles back on basement floor to condition. See Supercharged Steam labels here.