Munky's Dunkel

Dark Lager

This 2004 BJCP style 4b beer is being brewed for the 2004 AHA Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day. Co-workers David Fruin and Dave Shuman were present at the brew session.

Recipe: Munich Dunkel
Volume: 5 gallons

Activity Log


Heated 5 gallons of water to boil. Added malt syrup and brought back to boil. Added bittering hops and boiled for 50 minutes. Added aroma hops and boiled for 10 more minutes. Sanitized cooling coil in iodophor and cooled wort to 75 f. Siphoned into 6.5 gallon fermenter taking specific gravity reading of 1.050.


Observations of Primary Stage (3 pm start @ 70 f): Siphoned to 5 gallon carboy. Took specific gravity reading of 1.016. Bottling/Kegging:

Took specific gravity reading of 1.016 which puts ABV at 4.4%. Boiled 2 ounces of corn sugar in 600 ml of water for 10 minutes. After cooling, placed in bottling bucket and siphoned 2 gallons from carboy into bucket. Filled and capped 20 bottles. Placed at 70 f for conditioning.

Siphoned from carboy into 2 liter bottle until 2/3 full, squeezed air out and pressurized to 30 lb/sq in CO2 to force carbonate. Siphoned remainder from carboy into keg and pressurized to 30 lb/sq in CO2 to force carbonate.

See Munky's Dunkel labels here.