Little Katrina Imperial Stout


This is a 2004 BJCP style 13f beer.

Recipe: Russian Imperial Stout
Volume: 5 gallons

Activity Log

Yeast Starter:

Broke inner seal, mixed contents of smack-pack and put at 70 f for about 8 hours. About 40 hours before brew, brought 20 oz of water to boiling point in flask. Added 2 oz of pale malt extract to pyrex pitcher, added the hot water and stirred. Poured back into flask, covered with foil, boiled for 10 minutes and let cool on the stove. Pitched smack-pack of yeast and fitted stopper and airlock.


Added grain to 4 gallons of 165 f water to mash in at 140 f for 15 minutes. Added a gallon of near boiling water and heated to 153 f and held for 60 minutes until converted. Added boiling water to fill the 7 gallon tun to the top then heated to 170 f to mash out for 10 minutes. Scooped into lauter tun and encountered stuck sparge early on. Agitated grain near mash screen and forced air back through tube to achieve flow. While stuck at 5 gallons, added DME to kettle. Ended up moving grain back to another kettle, cleaning screen and back to lauter tun for last 2 gallons of 7 gallon runoff.


Boiled for 40 minutes, then added first hops. Boiled for 40 more minutes and added yeast nutrient. Boiled for 5 more minutes and added irish moss. Boiled for 5 more minutes and added second hops. Boiled for 10 more minutes and added final hops. Let simmer for 2 minutes. Using cooling coil sanitized in iodophor, cooled to 70 f and siphoned to 6.5 gallon fermenter taking specific gravity reading of 1.110. Rocked on folded towel to aerate, added yeast and fitted stopper and airlock. Placed on basement floor to attempt to get desired 60 f temperature.


Observations of primary stage (14 days, 10 PM start): Siphoned to 5 gallon carboy and fitted with stopper and airlock. Took specific gravity reading of 1.048.
Observations of secondary stage (28 days): Bottling:

Broke inner seal of yeast smack pack, mixed contents and put at 70 f for about 8 hours. Boiled 3 ounces of corn sugar in 1 cup of water for 10 minutes, allowed to cool and placed in bottling bucket. Siphoned into 2 liter bottle and placed in fridge for forced carbonation. Siphoned 3 gallons from carboy into bottling bucket taking specific gravity of 1.048 putting ABV at 8.1%. Added yeast, filled and capped 34 bottles.

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