La Debut Du Monde

Belgian Strong Ale

This is a 2004 BJCP style 18c beer.

Recipe: Unibroue La Fin Du Monde Clone
Volume: 5 gallons

Activity Log

Yeast Starter:

Two days before brew, took yeast smack pack out of fridge, smacked to break the nutrient ball and placed at 72f. One day before brew, boiled 5 oz of DME in 1.4L of water in flask and cooled. Shook to aerate, pitched yeast, covered top with alumininum foil and placed at 72 f.


Heated 4.5 gallons of water to 168f and mixed in grain. Added cool water to bring temperature to 149 f. Let rest for 60 minutes adding heat at 30 minutes to keep temperature at 149. Added boiling water to bring to 168 f for mashout for 10 minutes. Recycled until relatively clear and collected 6.5 gallons in boil pot.


Brought to boil and added sugar. Boiled for 30 minutes and added first hops. Boiled for 40 minutes and added second hops. Boiled for 5 minutes and added coriander, orange zest and irish moss. Boiled for 15 minutes and turned off heat. Ran through counterflow chiller and collected 5 gallons in 6.5 gallon carboy. Took specific gravity reading of 1.088 with refractometer. Thanks to Ed Seamen for pointing out that refractometer is only good for original gravity reading. Aerated by shaking carboy on folded towel and pitched yeast. Fitted with airlock and placed at 70 f.

Fermentation (target final gravity = 1.011):

Observations of primary stage
(14 days w/temp increasing to 72 f)) Siphoned to 5 gallon carboy taking specfic gravity reading of 1.034. Filled 2 liter bottle 4/5 full, pressurized with 30 lb/sq in CO2 and put in fridge to force carbonate.

Observations of secondary stage
(14 days @ 70 f))


Boiled 5 ounces of corn sugar in 4 cups of water, cooled and added to bottling bucket. Siphoned 4 gallons to bottling bucket taking specfic gravity reading of 1.016. Filled 1 1/2 2 liter bottles 4/5 full, pressurized with 30 lb/sq in CO2 and put in fridge to force carbonate. Filled and capped 40 bottles and placed at 80 f to bottle condition.

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