La Cygne Farmhouse

French Country Ale (blond)

This is a 2004 BJCP style 16d beer.

Recipe: Biere de Garde (based on Recipe from January/February Zymurgy)
Volume: 5 gallons

Activity Log

Yeast Starter:

About 24 hours before the brew, boiled 4 oz of DME in 1.2 liters of water in a 2 liter flask with aluminum foil fitted on the top. After cooling, shook to aerate, pitched yeast, shook again and fitted with stopper and airlock. Placed at 75 f.


Heated 4 gallons of water to 170 f in 10 gallon Polarware kettle with false bottom and stirred in grain. Heated to obtain ~153 f and let stand for 60 minutes. Added boiling water to mash out at 173 f. Sparged with 168 f water capturing run-off in 6 gallon bucket with easy mash screen. Cleaned Polarware kettle and transferred run-off back into it.


Boiled for 2 1/2 hours. Added hops at 60 minutes and 30 minutes. Added hops, crushed coriander seed and dried bitter orange peel at 10 minutes. Cooled with counterflow chiller into 5 gallon carboy obtaining ~4.5 gallons. Took specific gravity reading of 1.074. Rocked on folded towel for 1 minute to aerate. Pitched yeast, fitted stopper and airlock and placed at 72 f.

Fermentation (target final gravity = 1.012):

Observations of primary stage (14 days @ 72 f) Swirled to stir up yeast and siphoned to second 5 gallon carboy. Took specific gravity reading of 1.020. Fitted stopper and airlock and placed at 75 f.


Filled 2 liter bottle 4/5 full and put under 30 lbs/sq in CO2 in fridge. Took specific gravity reading of 1.020 putting ABV at 7.0%. Boiled 4 ounces of corn sugar in 2 cups of water and placed in bottling bucket. Siphoned 4 gallons into bottling bucket. Filled and capped 39 bottles.

Labeled 36 bottles. See La Cygne Farmhouse labels here.