Klasinski Baltic

Baltic Porter

This is a 2004 BJCP style 12c beer.

Recipe: Baltic Porter (based on recipe from John Kleczewski)
Volume: 5 gallons

Activity Log

Yeast Starter:

Took smack pack out of fridge and put at 75f overnight. Smacked to break nutrient sack and placed at 75f for 48 hours. Due to age of yeast it took that long to puff and still didn't puff all the way. Boiled 5 cups of water and mixed with 5 ounces of DME. Placed in 2 liter flask and covered top with foil. Boiled for 25 minutes and let cool to 75f. Shook to aerate and added yeast. Fit stopper and airlock and placed at 75f. After 48 hours the specific gravity was down to ~1.010. Placed flask in lager cooler with primary carboy to bring both to 55f.


Brought 5 gallons of filtered water to 170f in mash tun and stirred in grain. Added heat while stirring to bring temperature to 153f. Let rest at that temperature for 60 minutes. Added boiling water and heat to bring temperature to 170f. Let rest at that temperature for 10 minutes. Placed perferated pie tin on grain bed and opened mash tun spigot about 30 degrees. Recycled run off until relatively clear. Sparging with 170f water, captured ~6.5 gallons of run off in boiling pot.


Boiled through first break and then added first hops. Boiled for 30 minutes and added second hops. Boiled for 40 minutes and added third hops. Boiled for 20 minutes and turned off heat. Connected counterflow chiller to boiling pot spigot and cold water faucet. Ran wort through chiller and then stopped and took specific gravity reading of 1.086. Continued until flow stopped. Added 20 oz of boiled, filtered water to bring specific gravity down to 1.080 and provide a bit more volume. Hooked spigot directly to carboy to get remainder from pot. Placed carboy with cap into lager cooler and brought to 55f for a 48 hour rest. Rocked on folded towel to aerate and added yeast. Fitted stopper and airlock and placed in lager cooler.


Observations of primary stage (55f) Siphoned into 5 gallon carboy. Took specific gravity reading of 1.034. Filled 2 liter bottle 4/5 full and put in fridge to force carbonate under 30 lbs CO2. Placed carboy on basement floor.

Observations of secondary stage (62f) Observations of tertiary stage Kegging:

Siphoned to 5 gallon soda keg. Pressurized to 30 lbs/sq in CO2 and placed in fridge to force carbonate.

See Klasinski Baltic labels here.


This beer won second place in its category at the 2006 BUZZ Boneyard Brew-off in Champaign, IL.