Ball Bearing Bitter

This is a 1999 BJCP style 4c beer.

Recipe: Strong Bitter
Volume: 5 gallons
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Activity Log

Yeast Starter:

About 66 hours before brew, boiled 2 oz of pale malt extract in 20 oz of water in flask for 10 minutes. Cooled in ice and water bath in a bowl. Pitched vial of yeast and fitted stopper and airlock. Yeast didn't seem to be active until 48 hours. This has happened with this type of yeast once before.


Added gypsum to 3 1/2 gallons of water, heated to 170 f and added grain. Mashed at 154 f for 30 minutes and tested positive for conversion. Scooped into lauter tun, recirculating until relatively clear. Sparged with 170 f water until 5 1/2 gallons of runoff was obtained. Placed on burners and stirred in liquid extract. Added about 1 gallon of water to yield 6 1/4 gallons for boil.


Boiled through first break then added bittering hops. Boiled for 43 minutes then added Irish Moss and whole flavor hops in mesh bag. Boiled for 12 more minutes then added whole aroma hops to mesh bag. Boiled for 8 more minutes then turned off heat and placed pot on basement floor. Sanitized cooling coil in iodophor solution. Cooled to ~65 f with coil and siphoned to fermenter taking a reading of 1.062. Aerated by rocking carboy on folded towel and pitched yeast starter. Fitted with stopper and airlock and put on fermenting bench with temperature controller set to 70 f.


Observations of primary stage (10 PM start): Transferred to 5 gallon carboy and fitted stopper and airlock. Kegging/Bottling:

Siphoned into 5 gallon soda keg and put under 30 lbs/sq in CO2 in fridge. Took FG reading of 1.020 which puts the alcohol content at about 5.4% ABV.

Bottled and capped 16 bottles from the keg using counter-pressure bottle filler. Used keg immediately out of fridge and chilled bottles.

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